Owner’s Representative

Owner's Representative and Construction Management

Provided consulting services as an Owner’s representative including feasibility studies on development options. Coordinating all aspects of design, environmental mitigation, re-zoning, permitting, and construction activities through project completion AND Construction Management services utilizing our General Contractors License in hiring and managing different trade subcontractors.


US Department of Labor:
1. Mississippi Job Corps Center
2. Gainesville, Florida, Job Corps Center
3. Atlanta Job Corps Center

Center Pointe Office Building, Sarasota, FL

The Pointe (Chase Bank) Building, Sarasota, FL

Canal Road Property, Sarasota, FL

Dolphin Tower Condominium, Sarasota, Florida

dolphin(Currently under construction)
Major renovation to fully remove and replace failed 24" transfer slab, interior demolition and re-building of 7 condo
units, storage area, meter room, pool equipment room, and clubhouse, and full building asbestos abatement
Sarasota, FL

Mark II Condominium

Longboat Key, Florida
Construction Management / General Contractor's services
(Currently under construction)

BLackburn BHarbor Condominium Complex, Nokomis, Florida

BlackburnTwo buildings of 25 residential high end waterfront units, 20 townhouse type villas, over a 35 acre site,including all necessary site development design and construction

Kane Plaza Parking Garage, Sarasota, Florida

kenplaza5 story 280 parking spaces structure

Pen West Office Park, Sarasota, Florida

Proposed new 40,000 SF office building

Main Street Plaza and Hollywood 20 Theatre, Sarasota, Florida

Proposed 2 towers of 18 story mixed use office building and condominium,with a 5 story 380 parking garage

Marcia Street Office Plaza, Osprey, Florida

proposed office building with underground / under parking storm water storage vault

First Street Office Complex, Bradenton, Florida

Sun Trust Bank site, 2 story, 7000 sq.ft. office building on top of a 2 story parking garage

Bliss Road Property, Sarasota, Florida

5 acre parcel, site development with all required roadway and site and utility design/permitting

Chase Bank at the Point Building, Sarasota, Florida

Interior renovation - Drive-through design &amnp; feasibility analysis

Center Point Office Complex, Sarasota, Florida

Bank drive-through design and feasibility study

Trautwein's ATA Academy, Sarasota, Florida

Sports Facility

Boat Yard Village Marina, Sarasota, FL

Gastro and Internal Medicine of Sarasota, P.A.

Medical office building